Academic Information Technologies

The Academic Information Technologies conference, for which TURCom Technology was a gold sponsor, was between February 2-4, 2011...

Smart Solutions in Antalya

This time "Smart Solutions" was in Antalya. After Gaziantep companies, Antalya companies got together at the Smart Technology meeting...

Smart Solutions in Tourism

After Gaziantep and Antalya, TURCom Technology introduced the "Smart Solutions" to the tourism industry. During this event that happened in February 23, Wednesday, various hotels...


August 24,2010 Avnet EMC Iftar

TURCom clients got together at an iftar dinner organized by EMC and AVNET. During the dinner, across from a Bosporus view embellished with moonlight in the night of September 14,

Smart City Gaziantep

City of Gaziantep, where history and technology meets, was blown by TURCom Technology! With its services in the business networks and telecommunication

Brain Strom Meeting

TURCom Technology staff got together at the "2010 TURCom Brain Storm" meeting. One of the general meetings of TURCom organized every year, and

Information Technologies 2

TURCom Technology was at the 2nd Information Technologies Conference too! Participated in the now traditional 2nd Information Technologies Conference organized at Batman University,

TURCom Technology Winning More and More Awards!

This year TURCom Technology is given Cisco's Commercial Partner of the Year Award.

Digital University

TURCom Technology got together with the universities from all around Turkey, gave the participants both a great weekend, and information on useful solutions and technologies.

Konya Organization

TURCom Technology and its partners in Konya, Paknet and Avnet who is an expert in virtualization solutions,


Ankara Seminar

TURCom Technology organized a seminar and explained the IT managers of the companies in Ankara and Izmir how to facilitate their routine work.

Avnet Event

On the night of September 14, under the moon over Bosporus, TURCom clients got together at an iftar dinner, while learning more on new generation data storing, consolidation, backup and archiving solutions that will strengthen the data centers.

Iron port Event

The number one assistant of the firms' network management and monitoring, the TRCmon@udit, and one of the best of internet security, Ironport, met companies from all industries in May 7, Thursday.

TURCom Sales Training

TURCom Technology has organized the annual sales training meeting at Nippon Hotel this year.


Bursa Meeting

Constantly developing solutions and business partnerships, the leading names in the industry, TURCom Technology, got together with its clients in Bursa at their Bursa meeting.

Annual Sales Meeting

TURCom Technology's annual regular sales meeting has been held this year in July with the participation of the full executive staff, as well as the Sales Managers and Supervisors from regional branches.