What did they say about us?

"Erkut Göktan,EMC,Channel Manager"

TURCom Technology is one of the prominent business partners of EMC. We have combined TURCom's know how in various industries with EMC's support, and have launched significant projects, and we continue to do so. We generate solutions that are best suited for our clients from each industry. It makes us proud to see EMC contributing to TURCom's success.

"Handan Anar, Dlink,National Manager"

TURCom one of the important system integrators in the information technologies who is known for especially its experience in network technologies projects and its successes. It is known that there aren't many integrator companies in this caliber in our market. We believe that, thanks to its expertise, and its responsible and experienced team, it will partake in significantly important projects in the future, as it did in the past.

"John Sutton,Dartware Director of Sales and Business Development"

Turkey is a very important market for InterMapper, and so from that perspective TURCom is a great business partner. It is crucial to us to work with business partners who have expertise in technical matters, who can understand the difficulties that their corporate clients encounter in network management. With its reputation and strong affiliations in Turkey, TURCom has what it takes to carry the InterMapper product to the network environments that require network control, mapping, and NetFlow tracking.

"Münir Kundakçı,Microsoft Turkey, Vice President

Until today, TURCom Group has provided thousands of firms and institutions with cost-efficient infrastructure of information technology that is reliable, high performance, and measurable. With its experienced staff, widespread service network, and efficient management, TURCom is a valuable business partner for Microsoft.

"Behçet Yumrukçallı,Netapp Turkey, National Manager

TURCom combines professional client management approaches with the experience and know how that it gained by the advantage of having a long past in the information technologies and telecommunication industry, and it put its signature under very successful projects with Netapp products and services. As NETAPP Turkey we are very pleased with our business collaborations with TURCom who keeps the gratification of its corporate clients at a high level, and we have no doubt that we will be actualizing many other successful projects with them.

"İlker Koçer,Oracle Turkey, Vice President

We are working with our important business partner TURCom in especially education and KOBI segments, and we are providing the best solution to our clients by following many successful projects together.

"Gökhan Say,Symantec Turkey, National Manager

As Symantec, we really care about our partnership that we have for so long with TURCom. TURCom's nationwide team with their technological knowhow and high capacity work discipline, is bringing our clients Symantec's novelties introduced to the rapidly changing world of technology, and being the interface that ensures that these solutions are ultimately benefiting the users. We aim to expand our cooperation with TURCom more, and provide people nation-wide with Symantec's comprehensive solutions.