Thanks to the increasing use of the Internet, and the rapid developments in the communication technologies, the corporate network structures are becoming more than just a platform for information exchange, and they are gaining a much more complex structure, becoming a business platform in our days. The most crucial way of gaining an advantage on this platform is to have a solid and trustworthy infrastructure. TURCom is actualizing the installation of corporate business networks, and its solutions over these networks with its teams of specialists nationwide. TURCom Technology provides services on all types of communication infrastructure, from consultancy and outside resource services, to turnkey network structures, based on its years of experience in business networks installations and operations.

Hybrid IT

WAN (Wide Area Network)/LAN (Local Area Network) Services

While building communication networks in between remote locations (branch office, store, warehouse, factory, office, etc.) in order to track the business processes from a single source, safely and efficiently, corporations are also generating local area networks (LAN) in their local areas so that people in the same building can work collaboratively. TURCom Technology provides services on all types of communication infrastructure, from consultancy and outside resource services, to turnkey network structures, based on its years of experience in business networks installations and operations. TURCom Technology, while setting up business networks and alternative "networks" that backs them up, by using terrestrial, wireless (wireless), GSM, Radio Link, satellite, optical, etc. technologies, it also provides services that ensures integration of all of these systems with each other or with existing network information systems

"Hybrid" WAN solutions:
Leased data lines (Leased Line/LL)
Point to Point Frame Relay (FR) Solutions
- FR to ATM
- FR to Metro Ethernet
xDSL lines
Point to point ADSL solutions
- ADSL to FR
Point to point G.SHDSL solutions
- G.SHDSL to Metro Ethernet
Metro Ethernet (ME) solutions
- Point to point Metro Ethernet
- Metro Ethernet Internet
X.25 Turpak lines
SDH solutions

Solutions to back up terrestrial lines or to have the points that are incompatible with the terrestrial structure access to the central "network", the Internet:
- 3G compatible solutions on GSM operators
- Satellite solutions
- Radio Link solutions
- Optical Solutions

Corporate Internet Connection between Center - Branches

A variety of terrestrial systems and / or alternative technologies are provided on modular, expandable and easy to manage systems that allows the business units and servers, spread over different geographical areas, to safely and quickly gain access to the applications and services over the Internet by centrally accessing Internet through their local business networks.

WAN Optimization Services

Just like setting up the corporate communication networks, the efficient, productive and safe operation of this network and institutions taking the returns on their investments are also very important. TURCom Technology provides support from consultancy to application, in order to ensure the performance of the corporate communication networks and all components that create this network.
Because, before making new investments in corporate communication networks, they must be sure whether the existing resources are used as efficiently as possible. To this day, TURCom Technology provided "WAN / LAN Optimization" services to many institutions in order for them to use their existing networks more efficiently. The optimization on the WAN / LAN services should be in few sizes. For the optimization on the WAN area, 6 major elements of WAN should be reviewed, and they should be used efficiently. Where the structure of telecom, cable distance is not enough, in the event that the structure of the building or space necessitates (historic buildings, the original conditions which should not be deteriorated, public spaces, etc.), wireless connectivity solutions which are established by wireless modem, router and other equipment between the buildings or locations, are applied by TURCom's team of experts in the field with the necessary discovery, measurement, and projects. Especially with the "wireless router" products, the wireless device users are brought to the Internet safely from a single point or different "network" segments are induced to talk to each other.
Wireless local area networks (WLAN) use radio waves to connect to the servers, printers, and other endpoint devices in a building or a group of buildings. However, it brings to mind the mobile users who speaks with wireless technology mobile phones, equipped with laptop computers, spending most of their time away from the desk, participate in meetings, working in cross-organizational teams. With the wireless local area network solutions, new offices, or ad hoc working groups can be created, or mobile network access can be provided for the staff who, due to their tasks, need to be mobile.

Business Networks Backup Solutions

Corporate business networks are mostly built on terrestrial technologies. However, due to natural or human conditions, substantial interruptions, bottlenecks, problems, as well as communication problems may occur on the terrestrial lines. Sometimes, even due to a forgotten line bill payment, institutions are facing serious difficulties, and therefore suffering from financial losses. Because of all these reasons, as TURCom Technology we recommend our customers to back up their major communication structures by using alternative structures, and so we actualize the network architectures that we create based on the “backup” principle. Even though terrestrial technology can be used as an alternative route in the existing terrestrial line, other technologies that are completely alternative to the terrestrial technologies can also be employed.

Backup service via GSM Network;
This solution that can be provided via GSM operators through solutions compatible with the 3G services, can be used on each point where mobile voice and data communication are necessary. Such solutions that are established by the "GPRS router" which can be considered as "all in one" and compatible with the new generation GSM networks and communication protocols, are presented by TURCom as the leader in our market, with TURCom's assurance.
Radio Link Backup Services;
TURCom Technology who is in total control of information about the Telecom infrastructure, is creating alternative networks that can carry data / voice and video through radio waves by using Turk Telekom's nationwide link structure.
Backup Services via Satellite;
Corporate Networking Structures can be established via satellite using two-way Internet access or point to point satellite access in especially regions without the proper terrestrial infrastructure or in firms. TURCom's sister company Telnet Telekom, as one of the leading corporations with a license in "Satellite Telecommunications Services Management", successfully uses Dexar's Broad Band (DVBRCS) products in satellite Internet, VPN and various VPDN applications. Telnet Telekom, the distributor of the RBGAN satellite systems of XANTIC Corporation, uses this system to provide all kinds of satellite access services including Internet, as well as point to point.

Other Corporate Network Services

TURCom Technology works to create the best solution alternatives in the network architectures that it creates, based on continuity, scalability, reliability, robustness, security, and manageability criteria. Therefore, it presents all of its services to its clients, including services like design, feasibility, engineering and consulting, in terms of the appropriate installation of all kinds of business network and information technology structures, starting from structured cabling.
TURCom is Turkey's most experienced local company in the IT infrastructure with the sources it acquires. It allows its clients' investments to receive returns as soon as possible by enabling, integrating, backuping and managing the establishment of high-performance broadband networks.

Consultancy and Feasibility Services
In order to achieve success in the IT projects, the most appropriate device, management system and technologies must be initially integrated and planned, and the system should be tested by editing some necessary scenarios. Therefore, the installation and support services in the formation process of the projects can be much healthier. TURCom works with the appropriate products for our country's IT infrastructure, products of the leading manufacturers in the world's IT market. It produces turn-key solutions with the most appropriate products that suit the clients' needs, with its professional technical staff who is trained, certified, expert, and who have completed several projects successfully.
- Defining active and passive devices regardless of brand identification,
- Determining IT infrastructure and technologies based on the need and up-to-date information,
- Optimization in the communication networks and "call center" infrastructure,
- Establishment of IT projects, drafts, - Carrying out the producer-distributor-contractor firms' activities in accordance with the business plan
Line and Product Installation Services
Willing to build long term collaborations with its clients, TURCom Technology provides the procurement and installation of the lines which will hold the client's business networks, the making of the necessary applications and follow-ups, in whether turn-key business network project installations, or the regeneration, back up or moving of the existing network structures, with its professional staff.
TURCom technology follows the current information and situations in real time on behalf of its clients, and notifies them immediately. It also provides its clients with the services that pertain to the installation of the active/passive networking devices for the use of existing infrastructures.
Multiple Lines, Single Billing solutions
Other than the network and voice services, TURCom Technology offers a service that we are not accustomed to today, but one which provides the companies with convenience in terms of following their Telekom bills. "Multiple Lines, Single Billing"!
TURCom offers its clients who are included in this system, the opportunity to track their business networking structures that may be comprised of dozens of different lines on a single billing.
When a client at the stages of installing the business networks, backups, and renewals requests, TURCom takes on the clients' lines, follows and controls the bills on a monthly basis on behalf of them. Making out a single monthly invoice for its clients, TURCom offers them a great advantage with regards to the tracking, monitoring, and payment functions of the companies' IT and financial units. Therefore companies follow a single invoice, rather than making sure whether dozens of invoices have arrived, and paid.

IP Based Integrated Solutions

In today's world, the communication medium is on the IP technologies. However, integration of audio, data, and image on a single (IP based) network on the IP technologies is becoming more and more important. The IP Integrated Network as a technological investment preferred by the corporations is very significant for companies to achieve new gains, cost reduction, provide flexibility and competitive advantage.
Having experience in IP technologies thanks to the certifications/expertise in its area, and hundreds of installations, TURCom introduces companies with the new generation IP based integrated audio and multimedia services.

IP Based Audio Solutions
IP Phone is one of the most popular applications of the IP technology. TURCom has installed the IP Phone systems for a lot of company in the country, and other than the new projects, it continues to provide services for the IP phone system it has previously installed. The IP phone systems installed by TURCom are supported by new integrations, and therefore the system is enabled to survive and develop.
Other than installing end to end IP Phone (Call Manager) systems, TURCom integrates the existing classic communication systems to the IP structures by using the VoIP Gateway solutions of several manufacturers. TURCom is supported by the strategic business partnerships and expertise of the world-wide producers who offers services in IP based product/services.
While the sound that is transmitted in between the locations in the sound structures that are built on the IP is being transmitted through single enumeration system, all office and points communicate as if they are included in a corporate intranet. As a result, through the IP audio solutions, significant advantages are obtained especially in the cost of audio communication of companies with common store/office/branch structure. - Interactive Voice Response System and Voice Mail solutions - TRCivr -
- Plant Solutions - TRCix-
- Call Management Solutions - TRCcallcenter -
- Real-Time Geographic Information System - TRCclick-

IP - Based Video Transmission and Multimedia Solutions
- General Solutions (PC-based, "stand alone" and IP cameras)
Technological developments provide remote monitoring, security control, and capturing images live on the Internet through IP based devices. As TURCom technology, we are capable of providing image capture with cameras that enables all processes that are designed as alternatives to the classic alarms and closed circuit image systems in the IP medium through a single unit, other than the IP based common multimedia solutions with TRC brand, or special purpose. IP-based image capture systems can be considered in 3 groups. TURCom provides solutions with a wide variety of brands and options of products.

PC Based (Card) Systems:PC Based card systems consist of image transfer cards that are mounted on a PC with an up-to-date configuration. The number of cameras that will make the image transfer may be 4, 8, 12, and 16. The most important advantage of this system is the fact that it has a flexible structure, and the number of cameras is determined based on need.

Stand Alone Systems:"Stand Alone" systems are designed in a way that does not require any auxiliary device and it works with making the direct camera input. These systems are very easy to install and commission; the most appropriate model is selected. Models with 1, 2, 4, and 6 cameras are available.

IP Cameras: IP cameras consist of image transfer card built into a standard camera. They are the most economic solutions in terms of their costs. Since it is produced with the general-purpose in mind, it may be unable to respond to all kinds of expectations.
. Smart Publishing - TRCtv -
. Medical Imaging System - TRCpacs-

Business Networks Transfer Services

Corporations who moved their offices/units with the "IT Infrastructure Moving Services" are turning this challenging process into an infrastructure renewal opportunity.

While designing all of their Telecommunication, Information, and System Room infrastructures that need to be moved with novel technologies within the "moving budgets", corporations acquire a supplementary system and communication structure, if they desire. So following this particular service, the companies can design the IT structure in their new addresses in accordance with the daily operational needs and the risks that threaten the continuity of business, while obtaining a much healthier and easily manageable technological infrastructure.

None of what TURCom does will cause any delays or business disruptions in the corporate systems and business processes. Until today carrying the IT infrastructure of many big and small corporations without a problem, while at the same time revising them with up-to-date technologies, TURCom is turning this otherwise tiring and inconvenient process into an advantage for the corporations, thanks to this kind of specialized services it offers.

Line Maintenance Product Support Services (LMPSS)

Corporations who moved their offices/units with the "IT Infrastructure Moving Services" are turning this challenging process into an infrastructure renewal opportunity. With its technical team of certified engineers each of which are experts in their fields, TURCom offers solutions to corporations' problems regarding their communication and information infrastructures as soon as possible within the framework of LMPSS services, and by doing so, minimizing their loss of manpower, time, and money.

TURCom is driven by the principle of improving client satisfaction and client's efficiency, by ensuring that the information and technological infrastructure used by its client operates without a problem and according to the standards.
Support services on areas like
- WAN (Wide Area Network) / LAN (Local Area Network),
- Security (Firewall, IDS, IPS),
- Linux (TRCroot) and Microsoft-based server infrastructure,
- TURCom branded mobile solutions - TRCmobile,
- Internet service and management solutions - TRCsip and
- Other TURCom software products
provided nationwide to all corporations can be presented depending on the many needs of the corporations. There are alternative models towards the needs of each client, such as contracted, warrantied, periodic maintenance, on-site or telephone-based support in the form of call. The intervention criteria of the Service Level Agreements in the support services can be on-site, remote, on the phone, and if desired 7x24x365 days. The expert staff in TURCom's nationwide support units at 21 points is able to intervene the malfunctions and emergency cases anywhere in Turkey within 2 hours, and solve all technical problems within 4 hours.
TURCom is one of the unique companies that harbor significant amounts of stocks in their storages for their clients with TURCom maintenance agreements. In the meantime TURCom has organized its own business model based within the framework of ITIL discipline about which TURCom provides consultancy services to corporations.

Campus Solutions

TURCom has been offering cost-efficient solutions with various product and project alternatives oriented toward central Internet access, information/audio/image transportation in campus settings such as sites, universities, factories, industrial zones, hotels, fairs/congresses, parallel to the developments in the broadband access services.
For instance Internet access is offered with broadband advantages in certain areas inside hotels, or houses in sites; and there are solutions that address various needs such as audio and image transportation by using IP technologies that surround our lives today. Again in outdoor areas on campuses (poolside, parks, recreational areas, halls, etc.), buildings on campuses, or for the inter-campus communication and central Internet access, projects that use wireless communication technologies are being implemented.
Until today, TURCom has provided solutions to the access and communication structures used in many university campuses in Turkey, by using and integrating cable or wireless technologies. Additionally in all of these project designs, in order to establish the telecom infrastructures, there are telecom solutions on feasibility, line tracking and allocation, implementation, operation, embedded in or separated from the project on behalf of the corporations. TURCom also offers various application solutions for the Internet accessibility, security, and keeping records of the users due to legal obligations on areas like campuses. Listed under the name of TRCsip “trouble-free Internet platform” solutions, these applications provide accessibility and security, as well as billing feature for corporations on the services they provide, should they desire. Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility brought in by the TRCsip applications, institutions can diversify the services they provide centrally, for instance the Internet access services, and employ their resources more efficiently, while at the same time offer solutions that meet the user needs. Moreover, if there is a fee charge for these centralized services on campus, institutions may appropriately invoice the relevant services.

Video Conference Solutions

Experienced in video conference solutions, TURCom provides services in the form of project and product sales. Providing consultancy services to corporations specifically in this area, it offers them the best solution integrated with other value-added systems. While minimizing the travel expenses of corporations, video conference technologies provides time savings to the corporate personnel, as well. On the other hand, the personnel of corporations who utilize video conference do not experience the physical fatigue and efficiency reduction due to travels, this application also eliminates the risks involved in traveling. Besides all these advantages, personnel or clients who, due to long distances, cannot get together frequently are finding opportunities to organize meetings often, thus speeding up business processes. As TURCom Technology, with our experience in audio and imagery transportation, the video conference solutions that provide advantages in business processes are;
- Room type video conferencing
- Desktop video conferencing
- Multiple video conferences
- Video conferencing rooms
The image in video conference systems are usually transformed via ISDN and IP lines in two forms. Additionally, the unites that convert these lines to each other are able to communicate among each other, and thus all kinds of calls can be made either with ISDN or IP. Gradually spreading around the world, the IP standard is more advantageous compared to ISDN systems with its lower communication costs, and the fact that it works on all kinds of communication platforms. That is why all corporations that produce video conference systems offering both ISDN and IP based products to the market. TURCom also has taken and continues to work on important projects with all the currently available brands and devices.

3G Compatible Mobile Solutions

3G is the general name given to third generation wireless telephone technologies; it constitutes the big step that followed the GSM standards of today's 2G numeric technology. The most striking characteristic of this new technology compared to 2G is the fact that it focuses more on data communication rather than sound. And this provides mobility.
As TURCom Technology, we provide mobility to all structures we built by using terrestrial or wireless technologies, oriented toward integrated sound/data/image communication, and to corporations' IT systems via devices that support 3G or other communication standards (EDGE, UMTS, etc.) by using GSM technology. While TURCom Technology provides corporate mobility by carrying sound/data communication via GSM operators through 3G-compatible equipment, it enables the mobile data to become meaningful and process able by means of software that comfortably work via GSM technology.
Equipment like 3G- compatible GPRS router that TURCom uses in its projects where it renders sound and data mobile, are marketed with the TURCom warranty. While corporations obtain mobility with such projects that are generated by using 3G-compatible services, they can use this advantage to back up their systems, as well.

WiMax Network Solutions

WiMax, put simply, can be defined as the bigger or much stronger version of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was launched in the beginning of 2000s, and today it is the wireless technology that provides high speed Internet access in locations like public spaces, restaurants, stations/airports. WiMax does the same thing, again wireless, but with a stronger Internet connection within an area of maximum 35 miles.
Becoming a part of our life styles more and more every day, the wireless communication technologies have entered a new phase with WiMax. As TURCom Technology, with our mission in bringing new technologies into Turkey, and our awareness in improving our country, we are maintaining our researches and projects in this field. In this sense, we have significant works and experiments for integrating WiMax technology to our telecommunication systems, and the systems of our clients.