Our Vision

As TURCom Technology, it is our goal to become the leading company in the information and communication industry with our sense of quality and brand. For this purpose, we summarize our Human Resources policy as hiring qualified personnel with good educational background, providing personnel satisfaction and supporting personal development with career planning applications and trainings.

With our belief in team spirit being above all modes of working, we strive for our customers and a better Turkey. We know in human resources open to communication, honest and in solidarity are the primary conditions of taking successful steps in life. We shape our human resources processes in line with this vision.

TURCom Technology Career Management

Career Development
Within the framework of TURCom Technology's career management, the self-development of the staff in the work they do is targeted, as well as helping them actualize successful projects, gaining good experience in tandem with the areas they were educated in. Every year in June and December, a Performance Evaluation is conducted by the Human Resources Department. The personnel are supported by training programs.

Education in TURCom Technology includes basically improving the knowledge and skills of the personnel in order to reach the turnover and profitability goals that were set when the group was initially founded. Since our first day in business, we aimed at having a learning and teaching environment. Our trainings are conducted individually and in groups with in-house support or with the support of companies of expertise.

Education Programs

The main goal of the orientation program is to inform the new employees about the history of the company, its organizational structure, methods of work and order, as well as introducing them to the other team mates, therefore shortening their adaptation periods. Every new employee takes this orientation. The stages of orientation are:
- Introduction of TURCom Technology, foundational goals of the group companies, its mission and vision, values and organizational structure
- Introduction to the department that he/she will work in, as well to the other departments

Sales and Project Group Trainings
The goal of sales and project group trainings is to bring and introduce our personnel to the new technologies that pertain to TURCom Technology's field of activity, and to enable the offering of value added services to the customers.

Performance Management

Performance Evaluation throughout TURCom Technology is done every year in December and June by the department managers interviewing the personnel. The December Performance Evaluation plays an important role in performance raises, while the June evaluation influences the career development.
Performance Evaluation is useful in measuring the individual contribution of the employees in helping TURCom Technology reaching its goals, but it also supports the planning of salaries and career plans, as well as determining the training needs.

TURCom Technology Hiring Procedure

The information of the candidates who applied to work at TURCom Technology is kept in the Personnel Data Bank which is updated by the Human Resources Management. Confidentiality is essential to the applications. Personnel selection criteria; Following the need that emerges, the candidates are selected from the applications in the data bank, and they are invited to job interviews with two stages. The candidates may be put to test based on the position. Vertical and horizontal transitions are available to self-improved employees. In this sense, TURCom Technology has adopted the policy of training its own managers.