TURCom Technology

In the face of globalization and ever increasing competition environment, information technologies are gaining significantly rising roles in company management. TURCom Technology is one of the pioneering corporations in ICT industry with more than 25 years experience. TURCom has long been committed to providing creative and value-added information technology solutions and support to institutions and companies in various industries.

Centered in Istanbul, TURCom serves its clients 7/24 with need-specific solutions by means of its widespread and ever growing branches, service centers, POP points, data and co-location centers. TURCom is constantly enhancing its client portfolio most of which exhibit sustainability, and comprises of eminent names; it successfully maintains its nation-wide business networks and telecommunication services support to tens and thousands of points.

TURCom is business partners with the world's prominent information technologies leaders (like CISCO, HP, JUNIPER, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, IBM, DELL, SYMANTEC, CHECK POINT, EMC, etc.) Furthermore, it is working in close collaboration with our country's expert companies in information technologies, as well. With its well-educated and eminently experienced strong team, TURCom acquires several certifications and know how. Closely following the developments in the cutting-edge technologies, its services complies with the ISO9001:2000 principles; it provides the most convenient solutions to clients' needs, and manages to be doing that as being the sole collocutor and brand-free. TURCom Technology is composed of institutions that complement each other; through a constantly updated and expanding array of solutions, and an increasing market share, provides "Sole-Source Collective Technology Solutions". Telnet Telekom, one of the firms in the group, provides expert telecom services with its strong communication structure and data centers through providing internet service, satellite communication, long distance telephone services, and data transfer license through land lines. Telnet Consultancy, on the other hand, provides expert services on industrial software.

Additionally by 2008, TURCom Technology has launched several software and system solutions with the "TRC" brand, complemented by TURCom guarantee and support. Every day TURCom will continue to improve and add new mobile and other IT solutions that allow its clients to achieve mobility in their businesses. With its belief in success and client satisfaction oriented service of concept, and the power of team work, TURCom organizes its work towards the needs of the clients and the industries, and performs project installations all around Turkey. It obtains client satisfaction with its strong "Operation and Technical" group, "After Sale Support" team, and 7/24 "Help Desk" services.

Working with a creative and innovative approach, through reliable and permanent collaborations, in order to enable institutions to stay focused on their respective lines of business, and thus contribute to the increase in their efficiencies, TURCom Technology strengthens its clients' "Competitive Superiority" with solutions in information technologies, and improves their "Profitability and Market Shares".