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TRCroot Mail Servers; mailQ and mail archive

TRCroot Mail Servers; mailQ and mail archive TRCroot's mail server system is offered with 2 options under the names of mailQ and mail archive.


Qmail is a mail server application prepared based on MTA. Having features of "smtp, smtps, pop3, pop3s, imap, imaps, webmail, ldap" and "local Messenger", this server enables to ensure all communication needs required by an institution over one single platform. Having unlimited number of "domain" and user support, TRCroot "mailQ" e-mail server's biggest advantage is that it is built on "qmail" system on which even one single security gap has not been found by today.

TRCroot-mail archive

Prepared based on Postfix MTA, this mail server also ensures corporate communication needs over one single platform line "mailQ". In general "mailP" resembles "mailQ" in terms of structure-administration, domain and user support features, however this mail server system has some differences compared to "mailQ". Data base (LDAP) used by this mail server system is different compared to "mailQ" in terms of mail archiving capabilities and all interfaces. mailP has an advanced mail archiving feature. Thus, one copy of both incoming and outgoing mails of each user can be archived in the system as user-based.