Turcom Ürünler - TRCROOT

What is TRCwifizone?

TRCsipwifizone is a solution platform which facilitates the use of services for wired and wireless internet access. It includes software, hardware and professional TURCom services. TRCsipWiFizone is a system with advanced security settings which can keep logs individually for each user making use of internet. TRCsipWiFizone enables accessing and inquiring all the reports on the basis of user through a specific web interface.

TRCsipWiFiZone Specifications

Regardless of the operating system and browser used, user can create as many "Popup" screen as he desires (for advertisement and information) without loading or running any additional software or script once permission for internet access has been granted.
- The system in which user might be given as much internet usage time as desired asks the customer to log-in again when time expires. This access restriction is reserved through obtained signature time stamp in the scope of Law no 5651.
- When it is preferred that password is granted automatically by the system (without need of personnel), SMS integration might be made for the password information to be sent automatically to the customer. Cost is only airtimes cost.
- All incoming, outgoing and forwarded packs pass through firewall protection automatically.
- User activities might be followed and reported.
- Analysis of logs might be performed through an advanced web based control panel.
- It provides any web content inspection facility.
- Customization of welcoming page is possible by generating "Corporate Interface".
- Advanced filtering feature


- Financial and corporate profit
- Ease of use not requiring adjustment
- "Free Circulation" within internet service area without changing device adjustments!
- Different tariff and payment options for the institutions which offer internet services for a fee
- "Central Management" for multiple locations,
- IP Phone, "video on demand" features
- Ease, speed, freedom
- User management
- Linux security!
- Invoicing
- Competitive advantage
- Option to customize the service
- Flexible business models

What are the business models offered?

TRCsipwifizone providers different business models for invoicing;
- Payment by credit card,
- Invoicing to room in the hotels,
- Invoicing through access code,
- Internet access for a certain service speed and duration in common fields,
- Offering service at different speeds and for various durations according to field of use, ( For example; fee, speed and access time might be adjusted according to room type (business, suite / normal etc.) and even according to floors).
- Pricing other services apart from invoiced services and basic internet access services for free or against a small fee,
- Determining sufficient quality connection for applications requiring service speed for web-conference etc. at meeting/convention centers and implementing different price tariff for such accesses,
- Enabling the guests/users to access internet at other areas (rooms, meeting/conference halls and other common areas) by offering free circulation packs to them and without requiring them to log in the system again,
- Optionally, pack and price management according to zones.

Who can Use TRCWiFiZone?

- Service Sector
- Convention and Culture Centers
- Municipality Subsidiaries
- Public Institutions
- Mass Transportation Vehicles
- Entertainment Sector
- Chain Businesses AND
- Any institution which open its internet services to general use and which have the liability to inform such as institutions rendering service as any type of "hotspot".

How does TRCwifiZone Work?

After user writes the address of the web site he desires to access through a browser supporting device, user is forwarded to welcoming screen (completely changeable). User may use the system through any browser supporting device. System forwards the user to a customizable welcoming screen upon the first web request generated. Welcoming screen asks the user to perform identity authentication. Three different scenarios might be applied at this stage.

- System might communicate with an Active Directory defined beforehand and involve the user into authentication process.
- User may sign up the system through a simple instruction on welcoming screen and receive verification password details by SMS.
- User might be created manually by the administrator or administrators from an individual administration screen.

Logging in System / Signing Up
- Manuel Users
After the user enters the user name and password he receives earlier, the information is checked and user is allowed/not allowed to access internet in line with accuracy of the information.
- Active Directory Users
After the user enters the user name and password he receives earlier, the information is checked and user is allowed/not allowed to access internet in line with accuracy of the information.
- By Sms Verification
- User fills in the information fields as asked from him by the system by clicking on "new user registry" on welcoming screen. "Verification Code" is sent to the cell phone number (independent of operator) entered during sign up for verifying the account and user is directed to "Account Activation" page.
User writes the "Verification Code" sent to his cell phone and his cell phone number in the relevant fields and verifies his account. User is directed to home page following this procedure.
After the user enters the user name and password sent to his cell phone, the information is checked and user is allowed/not allowed to access internet in line with accuracy of the information.
All procedures of the user particularly ip-mac, url address are logged pursuant to law no 5651 once user is given internet access permission and content filtering procedures are carried out.