Turcom Ürünler - TRCROOT

Easily learn if the company information are let out by controlling your employees' correspondences such as Msn, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger by using TRCspy!

Today, softwares that are called internet messaging (IM) applications such as Msn, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger are used in all institutions. While some users use such softwares for business purpose, some persons may prefer them for their private correspondences. Logging such communication facilities rather than restricting will be a better solution for both your employees and your company. Developed by experienced software team of TURCom Technology, TRCspy logs all the correspondences in electronic environment and allows you to review the logs.

What is TRCspy?
Trcroot Spy solution enables the users to log Instant Messaging (IM) applications such as Msn messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger in the institutions.

What are the Advantages and Specifications of TRCspy?
. It does not bring an extra load on your network.
. There is not any yearly renewal fee or licensing fee per user and installation, training, yearly maintenance service are included in the pack.
. The correspondences made might be logged at intervals of 6 months, 1 year, 3 years as desired.
. You can immediately learn if company-related information are let out in the correspondences made.
. Easy use even with 250 gb hard disk, 2 gb memory and Pentium 4 processor.