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What is TRCroot "Linux - Based Embedded Solutions"?

They are the open source solutions that meet the corporate needs and provide them with cost advantage. TRCroot includes packaged solutions with installation and after sales support for corporations that want to establish their corporate network, communication and security systems on Linux's open sources platform.

How different is TRCroot?

Cost Advantage
Corporations do not pay first or second year's license renewal fee for the software they use. The fees here are going to be for the services that may be provided by TURCom, if requested, regarding the installation of the solution packages that TURCom puts together, and additional support.
Constant Improvement and Fast Support
Applications via Linux are developed collectively all over the world. Thus it has the snowball effect. The best benefit in this situation is the fact that possible deficiencies are quickly removed following the requests and efforts of the users. Linux-based operating systems receive faster support regarding a specific hardware compared to other operating systems.
Acquiring Many Networks and Server Tools
There are several alternative applications on Linux in order to efficiently operate the business networks or server systems. This way, corporations gain freedom and a significantly wide area for movement.
Performance Increase
Linux's professional "Kernel" structure provides stability and speed in systems.
Meeting the Corporate Needs for Real
With the Linux solutions, corporations receive the solutions they need in real terms. They do not have to get extra solutions that comes with the package and that they actually do not need, in order to obtain real solutions.
Support from Significant Manufacturers in the IT Industry
World-wide manufacturers like IBM, SUN, HP; Intel, AMD give their full support to Linux.
Professional TURCom Support

Who can use the TRCroot 'Linux-Based Embedded Solutions'?

Many institutions, from SMEs to international corporations may benefit from TRCroot solutions. The solution packages inside TRCroot advance on the basis of Linux. This way, corporations who wants to establish their IT systems more safely, efficiently, and less costly prefer TRCroot's solution packages.

- Addresses all sectors.
- Addresses companies of a few people to networks with thousands of users.
- Especially those who care about security and places that need to see the source codes...(The Army, MIT, Universities..)

What are the modules of TRCroot?

- Web Filter; TRCroot-webfilter
- Antivirus AntiSpam Gateway ; TRCroot-asg
- Firewall; TRCroot-wall
- Mail Server / Mail Archive; TRCroot-mailQ / TRCroot-mail archieve
- Monitoring - TRCroot-monitor
- Network Security Scanner; TRCroot-nss
- Web Server / File Server - TRCroot- webache / TRCroot-file server
- Webguardin / Load Balancer TRCroot-web guardian / TRCroot-load balancer
- Fax Server - TRCroot - fax server
- Msn, Irc, Jabber, Icq, Yahoo Messenger Loglama (TRCspy)
- TrcNetAnalyzer
- TrcWifiZone

Web Filter; TRCroot - web filter
TRCroot "web filter" functions as a web content filter by monitoring the users' web access. This way, you can control the websites that users have access to. The corporate web traffic goes through the anti-virus scanning thanks to this filter system.

Anti-virüs/Anti-spam Gateway; TRCroot-asg
TRCroot "asg" that functions as the "Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Gateway" system amongst the TRCroot solutions, provides mail security against all virus, spam and attacks from the Internet by being positioned in front of the existing mail servers of the corporations. Even if the corporate mail servers are disabled, the system continues to receive incoming mails, and once the mail server is "up" it scans all accumulated mails, and then sends them to the actual mail server for distribution. The Anti-virus and anti-spam protection mechanisms on the system automatically updates itself.

Firewall; TRCroot-wall
TRCroot "wall" is a Linux-based firewall system that protects one single computer or a local network. It controls the access to the system from other networks. This system allows the packages designated according to the corporate security definitions through its package filtering method, and prevents the unwanted packages.

TRCroot Mail Servers; mailQ and mail archive
TRCroot's mail server system are presented to the corporations with two options: mailQ and mail archive.

Qmail is a mail server application created based on MTA. This server with "smtp, smtps, pop3, pop3s, imap, imaps, webmail, ldap" and "local Messenger" qualities, all corporate communication needs of a corporation are met in one single platform. TRCroot "mailQ" has limitless "domain" and user support, and its most important advantage is the fact that it is built on the "gmail" system that, to this day, not a single security deficit has been found so far.

TRCroot-mail archieve
This mail server that was created based on Pastfix MTA, like "mailQ" provides corporate communication needs on a single platform. Generally similar to "mailQ" in "mailP" in terms of structural-managerial, domain and user support features, this mail server system has some differences compared to "mailQ". The data base that this mail server system uses (LDAP) is different than "mailQ" in terms of mail archiving skills and all of its interfaces. MailP has an advanced mail archiving feature. Thus, a copy of each incoming and outgoing mails of a user can be archived in the system as user-based.

Network Monitoring; TRCroot-monitor
Thanks to the TRCroot "monitor", corporations that want to manage and monitor their business network structures can monitor the servers and lines within the network.

Network Security Scanner; TRCroot-nss
There are several personal computers and corporate servers in corporate structures. With TRX "nss", that is the "network security scanner" solution; it is possible to scan the security deficits of all devices in the businesses, independent from the operating system. This way, the level of security deficits within the system and the user devices can be monitored.

Web Server; TRCroot- webache
TRCroot "webache" is a system component that function as a web server developed on the Linux open source platform. TRCroot "webache" is a convenient solution for corporations who want to "host" their own websites within itself, via one of its own hardware, and it acquires all professional features and modules supported by the "Apache" web server, a world leader in its field.

File Server; TRCroot-file server
TRCroot "file server" functions as a file server for all kinds of data in the corporate systems. This Linux-based file server supports all known file sharing and access protocols including "iscsi".

Webguardian - TRCroot-web guardian
It has a web firewall feature that is specifically designed for web applications. With reverse Proxy and SSL termination features, TRCweb guardian is recommended to be placed in front of structures where especially the IIS-based web applications work. It provides security against the attacks toward web servers.

-Load Balancer TRCroot-load balancer
It functions as a TCP-based load balancer. In environments where there are more than one servers doing the same thing, it ensures equal distribution of incoming connections to the servers. Prevents incoming requests to services or servers that are down, therefore prevents error messages from going to the user.
Once the service or the server goes up again, it senses this automatically, and restarts directing new demands. It can be placed in front of the Terminal server or Web server.

Fax Server; TRCroot - fax server
As a fax server, the TRCroot "fax server" manages the corporate fax traffic by means of the modem connected to it, and the phone line that is connected to the modem. Incoming faxes are converted to "pdf" format automatically, and sent to the relevant person through email. All incoming and outgoing faxes are archived in the electronic media.