Turcom Ürünler - TRCROOT

TRCroot, Attack Detection System; ids

Acting as an "Intrusion deduction system", TRCroot "ids" is offered to the institutions within TURCom's Linux based solution family as a significant component of system security.
It scans the incoming attacks bidirectionally, either from outside to inside or from outside to inside by comparing with its rule based database and generates real-time alerts. Its usage is completely web-based, its structure is extremely stable and its administration is easy thanks to visual features of TRCroot "ids". With TRCroot "ids", communication traffic of every kind of network topology can be taken under monitoring specially through set of rules configured at every scale.
SG5651: SG5651, it is compulsory to archive user logs of the institutions providing internet access/content service pursuant to “Law No 5651 Concerning Regulation of Publications Made Over Internet and Fighting Against the Crimes Committed By Way Of Such Publications" which came into force in November 2007. It is a system which maintains any type of information, data base, access records of the institutions that bear legal/social responsibility with respect to internet service and ensures accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of such data.